Turkey and Iraq

Turkey and Iraq 

From: Coskun Urunlu
To: claudia.roth@bundestag.de
Sent: Saturday, April 05, 2003 9:50 PM
Subject: Turkey and Iraq

Ms. Roth,

I heard that you again talked on Turkey and said that Turkey's entrance to EU depends upon how she behaves herself in Iraq! ! What a pity that a lady like yourself does not have anything to do beneficial to humanity but just to tell as a big brother/nany to his pupil to behave himself or otherwise he will be punished! ! Although I laugh really hard but also I love those mediocre people who sees some high qualities in themselves to advice a country which has been in existence since 1299 A.D. . Who are you and who gave you that authority to threaten a country like Turkey with a threat that if Turkey does not behave herself YOU would not admit her into the EU? Is it not funny? Really tell me the truth... is it not funny? I am just not able to keep myself from laughing at you and at those people who imagines and/ or assumes some power in themselves to run the other countries' destiny. Now why do you not ever tell Mr Bush that if he continues to kill more Iraqi citiziens you are going to spank him? Or if he continues to kill more Iraqi children for the sake of oil resources, you are going to prevent him to step on the soil of Europe?

However let me be more benevolent to you and let it be known that main aim of Mr. Bush is to stop and eliminate the increasing influnce of Germany in Middle East and Asia and he thus do make war in Iraq as a first step towards achieving this aim. I want to hear that you tell him something and make him to stop to be threat to the future of Germany.

As far as Turkey concerns 1-we will not permit any Kurdish state to be established 2- We will not get out of Cyprus before we achieve to get those rights acknowledged of our kins given to them by the London Agreement and 3- We will enter EU as a full member.

Europe needs Turkey and Europe without Turkey is nothing but a "little old old lady in tennis shoes" as Mr.Bush' secretary has told to the world. Be aware that in Europe the rate of population is declining and the rate of technological gap is widening and that the rift between brotherhood of Franco-Roman of France and Germany and Anglo-Saxon brotherhood of USA and England is deepining.

Have a nice day!

Coskun Urunlu



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