From: Coskun Urunlu
To: Guenter.Verheugen@cec.eu.int
Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2003 9:36 PM
Subject: Kurds

Dear Verheugen,

I am getting sick and tired of your daily speeches that if Turkey enters into North of Irak, she will not be admitted to the EU. I am not a deaf man who does not hear you. I have heard you. You are repeating your sermon every morning, afternoon, evening and night for almost a week.

Why is it so important to you whether Turkey enters or not into Irak? Why are you not giving sermons to Britain saying that to occupy an independent Iraqi state under the false claims of the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction? Or was Britain killing Iraqi people to bring them democracy? Wonderful idea of "democracy for dead people!"

Why were you and your friends were keeping quite when Ocalan was killing 30000 Turks? I hear you now saying :" when Kurds kill Turks that has to be taken into consideration as a necessary act for establishment of a Kurdish State".

If conditions require for Turks to enter into the North of Iraq nobody can stop that action even you and your friends say that you would prevent Turkey to enter to the EU. Your main worry is not to save your beloved Kurds but your fear is that Turkey will enter Kerkuk and Musul. You see Kerkuk and Musul were stolen by the same imperialist England in 1920s and the same England, although her horns are broken since the 1915 war of Dardanels , now again is trying to grab the same lands under the tail of USA. What a futile attempt!

I humbly request you to shut up on this subject of "North of Irak versus Turkey's entry to the EU" and I want to get a good sleep between the noises of bombs of ymperialist warmongers on poor and defenseless Iraqi people.




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