Kemalism and Öcalan





 Kemalism and Öcalan

From: Coskun Urunlu
Sent: Sunday, March 23, 2003 8:14 PM
Subject: Kemalism and Ocalan


What a pity for a lecturer in experimental pyschology who minimizes the fact that 30000 Turkish people have been killed by Ocalan. What would you and your wife would have felt if your sons and grandson Jasper were killled in a small village in Holland by some KADEK=PKK terrorists?

Moreover it is also absurd for a foreigner, namely you, to feel himself responsible to put his nose into internal affairs of Turkey and threaten her by suggesting that the Turks should change their Constitution and eliminate Kemalism and write a new more permissive Act on religion and thus enable religious fanatics to make Turkey a religious state.

I see that you are an arch Christian man and you are a member of protestant commune. And in turn you must be a fanatic religious man yourself. What I would suggest you is to read a book about Christianity so you may get to know the basis of all religions and act accordingly to all humanbeings in the world. The book I suggest you is : Michale Baigent-Richard Leigh,The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception,ISBN 0671797972.

We Turks do not need your reports and/or suggestions to run our country. We have not been EU member since the establishment of Ottoman Empire in 1299 and do not have to be a member now and we will not bow to those small town gentlemen's reactionary biased wishes for the entrance of EU. You first of all clean your own house and make England and France get together. You are just a failure and you will see in a very short time that EU will disintegrate. The world will be separated into two camps; an Anglo-Saxon (Britain+USA) camp and Roman Continental(Gerrmany+France)camp. And the small states such as Belgium,Holland and say Denmark following the big brothers.

Please do continue to write those reports which will take their places in the history's dark chambers which in later years historians will evaluate you not as a real scientist but a man who wrote reports on those countries of which he never knew anything about her people and her history but a man who was a religious fanatic and was a biased fanatic who had selected become a Lecturer in experimental psychology due to his genes which had caused to him to have some pyschological problems.




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